Some HP Switching useful commands



<Switch> system-view
[Switch] undo stp enable
[Switch] sysname Switch
[Switch] save
[Switch] save force
[Switch] interface vlan-interface 1
ip address
<Switch> reboot
[Switch] header legal "Configures the banner to be displayed before a user inputs the username and password to access the CLI"
[Switch] header motd "Configures the greeting banner to be displayed before the legal banner appears"


<Switch> display boot-loader
<Switch> display boot-loader
<Switch> display device manuinfo slot 1
<Switch> display device
<Switch> display system stable state
<Switch> display version
<Switch> display mac-address


[Switch] local-user admin
[Switch-luser-manage-admin] password simple password
[Switch-luser-manage-admin] authorization-attribute level 3


[Switch] public-key local create rsa
[Switch] ssh server enable
[Switch] local-user admin
[Switch-luser-manage-admin] service-type ssh


[Switch] stp enable
[Switch] stp mode rtsp
[Switch] stp root primary
<Switch> display stp


[Switch] line aux 0
[Switch-line-aux0] authentication-mode password
[Switch-line-aux0] set authentication password simple "password"
[Switch] line aux 0
[Switch-line-aux0] idle-timeout "minutes" "seconds"
[Switch] password-control login-attempt 3 exceed lock-time 120
[Switch] no telnet server enable
[Switch] password-control complexity user-name check
[Switch] password-control composition type-number "type number"
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