Mutt e-mail client


How To

Exclude his own address when using reply to all :

user@host:~$ echo "unset metoo" >> ~/.muttrc

Enable IDLE :

user@host:~$ echo "set imap_idle=yes" >> ~/.muttrc

Read receipts :

Solve the impossible to save the SSL certificate error :

user@host:~$ echo -e "set imap_idle=yes\nset certificate_file="~/.mutt_certificates"" >> ~/.muttrc

Random signature :

Each day

set signature="~/.signatures"

Put every signatures in a .signatures file and each hour, the .signature file will be populated by a random signature

00 * * * * user sort -R /home/user/.signatures | head -n 1 | fold -w 72 -s > /home/user/.signature

Each mail

set signature="sort -R /home/toi/.signatures | head -n 1 | fold -w 72 -s|"

Some commands

Mail Access
y Print mailboxes
c Change folder : allow to move to another folder
b Bounce-message : re-send mail to another recipient (with the original header)
Ctrl+t Change message type : ex : text/html, text/plain

Organize mails

In IMAP environment replace ~ by = symbol to enhance search performance.

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