Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Optical Fiber


There are some terms and concepts we need to know when talking about optical fiber, I will try to put here the most essential things.




There are many different connectors, I list here the main ones you're supposed to see in the industry.

Connector Picture
LC : Lucent Connector, Little Connector or Local Connector.
Note : The standard for new installations. Switches and Fiber Optic Patch sides.
Optical Fiber | LC Connector
SC : Subscriber connector, square connector or standard connector.
Note : Still common on the Fiber Optic Patch sides.
Optical Fiber | SC Connector
Note : Mainly present on older installations.
Optical Fiber | ST Connector


Standard OM1/il1 OM2/il2 OM3/il3 OM4/il4 OM5/il5
Distance (1 Gbits) 275 m 550 m 550 m 550 m 550 m
Distance (10 Gbits) 33 m 82 m 300 m 400 m 400 m
Distance (40 Gbits / 100 Gbits) Not Supported Not Supported 100 m 150 m 150 m


Standard OS1 OS2
Distance 10 km / 6 Miles 100 km / 62 Miles
Enforcement Indoor Outdoor

SFP / mini-Gbics

SFP for small form-factor pluggable is a compact, hot-pluggable network interface module. (source : https://en.wikipedia.org).

Shebang the gbic
Img. The shebangthedolphins sfp module.

1 Gbit/s SFP module

10 Gbit/s SFP+ module

They have the same format as SFP but the speed can reach up to 10 Gbits.

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