Mplayer, Mpv and Vlc keyboard control

I personnaly use mplayer, mpv and vlc as media players. I will put here some Keyboard Control.

Keyboard Control

Function mplayer mpv vlc
Adjust audio delay (A/V sync) -/+ Ctrl - / Ctrl + j/k
Adjust subtitle delay x/z Z/z h/g
Cycle through the available audio tracks # # b
Cycle through the available subtitles j/J j/J v/Alt+v
Chapters Next/Previous PGUP/PGDWN Shift+n/Shift+p
Decrease/increase volume /* /* Ctrl+down/Ctrl+up
Decrease/increase current playback speed [ ] { } [ ] { }
Decrease/increase pan-and-scan range (zoom / dezoom) e/w w/W
Full screen f f f
Go backward/forward in the playlist < > < > p/n
Hide / Show Subtitles v v Shift+v
Move subtitles up/down r/t r/R
Mute m m m
Pause / Play p/bar space p/bar space bar space
Reset playback speed to normal Backspace Backspace =
Show progression bar, elapsed time and total duration on the OSD o o/O
Show statistics about the currently playing file such as codec, framerate, number of dropped frames... i/I
Toggle infinite looping L l
Toggle hardware video decoding on/off Ctrl+h
Toggle stay-on-top T T
Take a screenshot s Shift+s
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