Manage a Windows Home Edition in a Active Directory environment

It's pretty rare but we still could find Microsoft Windows Home Edition inside enterprises networks. As we cannot add them to Active Directory and in order to make them able to work, we still can make them access to windows shares.

The commands

net use X: \\\share user_password /USER:domainame\my_user /PERSISTENT:YES
cmdkey /add: /user:my_user /pass:domainame\user_password
net user admin_account AdminPass! /add
WMIC USERACCOUNT WHERE Name='admin_account' SET PasswordExpires=FALSE
net localgroup administrators admin_account /add

Script it

We can write a .bat file in order to automatize this.

	@echo off

	set USER=domainame\user01
	set PASSWD=MyUser01Password

	net use X: \\\share %PASSWD% /USER:%USER% /PERSISTENT:YES
	net use Y: \\\scans %PASSWD% /USER:%USER% /PERSISTENT:YES

	cmdkey /add: /user:%USER% /pass:%PASSWD%

	net user admin_account AdminPass! /add
	net localgroup administrators admin_account /add


Password escape characters

If you want to use special characters for your users passwords you have to know that you may need escape characters.

Character Escape Sequence
> ^>
& ^&
" \"
< ^<
| ^|
^ ^^


net user admin ^>^&\"^|asword /add
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