How to deploy Firefox Browser with Group Policy

I previously showed how to deploy Chrome with group policy (GPO) and I felt bad about it... To repair this infamy I will show how to do the same but with Mozilla Firefox.

I made it works for Workstations and for Users who doesn't have Administrator rights.

Download msi file

Mozilla Firefox download page Create a GPO

Create Group Policy Object

Run Active Directory Users and Computers Run Active Directory Users and Computers Run Group Policy Management Console Create a GPO Give name to a GPO Edit a GPO GPO New MSI Package Select MSI package Create a GPO


As for Chrome it didn't work and I could see the same list of errors inside Event Viewer

Specify startup policy processing wait time

Thanks to I could solve it :

Group Policy Management Editor Group Policy Management Editor


Reboot and ...

Firefox Desktop Icon

Now you must just feel better with yourself...

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